Randy Carpenter Memorial Firefighter Search Survival and Rescue School

December 5-7, 2018, The Dalles, OR  (PDF HERE!)

The Randy Carpenter Memorial Firefighter Search Survival and Rescue School is a 3-day hands-on training course to certify firefighters as Rapid Intervention/Advanced Breathing Apparatus Specialists. The course is designed to prepare firefighters and departments to handle a fire ground emergency involving a member operating on the fire ground.

Day 1 (Morning) Firefighter Survival

An introduction to the program that sets the tone for the course by identifying and explaining the need for a complete fire ground survival program. Through case studies of past incidents, reviews of firefighter fatality reports and data, and discussions which identify the common (and repeated) causes and components that lead to firefighter fatalities on the fire ground, participants will gain in-depth understanding of the need for firefighter survival, firefighter rescue, and rapid intervention team training for all firefighters in every fire department.

Day 1 (Morning & Afternoon) Firefighter Survival

This portion of the program teaches students the skills they need to manage their own fire ground emergency. Students learn and practice the individual survival skills that will keep them alive, topics include:

  • Managing YOUR Mayday
  • SCBA Emergencies
  • Disorientation Emergencies
  • Emergency Escape Techniques

Day 2 (Morning & Afternoon) Firefighter Rescue

This portion of the program teaches students the skills and teamwork needed to perform both simple and advanced firefighter rescues. Firefighter rescue is physically demanding and exhausting work — students find out, firsthand, what it takes to overcome the many fire ground obstacles that exist to successfully perform these rescues. Topics include:

  • Searching for a firefighter
  • Firefighter fire ground CPR
  • Assessing and packaging a downed firefighter
  • Drags, carries, and navigating stairs
  • Firefighter disentanglement
  • Rescue through breached openings
  • Rescue from collapse
  • Window rescues
  • Rescues from below

Day 3 (Morning) Rapid Intervention Team Development

This portion of the program assists departments in preparing for fire ground emergencies by understanding the need for, development of, staffing and training of rapid intervention teams. Topics include:

  • Standards & regulations
  • RIT staffing
  • RIT tools
  • RIT training
  • The reality of RIT Ops on the fireground

Day 3 (Morning & Afternoon)

Rapid Intervention Team Operations

Building on the Firefighter Rescue module, RIT Ops defines the rapid intervention team and its duties both before and during an actual firefighter emergency on the fire ground. Students cover all aspects of the RIT during this intense hands-on module, including:

  • RIT staffing
  • Member assignments and responsibilities
  • The role of the RIT Officer
  • RIT tools
  • Proactive fire ground tasks
  • Responding to a fire ground Mayday
  • Locating and rescuing a downed firefighter
  • Command’s role in RIT Ops
  • Ongoing RIT training

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