The Sunday Evening Preach

Hello Aggressives

I wish you all a happy Easter!  For some of us this is the pinnacle day of faith where a new beginning emerged from the grave.  Whether you are a Christian or not is secondary to the fact that the majority of philosophers throughout the ages have agreed that each day is an opportunity for a new start.  At times we all suffer from getting lulled into the recliners of life. We hold back, lay up, do the minimum our job requires, treat people poorly, give little effort and have a bad attitude. Today, is a new day. Today you can join the “Febreeze brothers” and have a fresh start.

Whatever name we call ourselves let’s live to the high calling that is our vocation.  Let’s encourage one another to be excellent in our tasks, motivated in our efforts, and passionate about our purpose.

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live” Marcus Aurelius 

This is a little high brow for us fireman because we already are living the greatest life, but I know I have experienced times of struggle to maintain peak performance.  The encouragement I would like to leave you with is do not fear being the one that passionately pursues excellence.  We are blessed with 10,000 days to be a firefighter.  If you have wasted a number of those days lulled into mediocrity, start today to be the one who aggressively seeks opportunity for improvement.  Do not fear the change in yourself or the condemnation of others.  If you are out of shape, get in shape.  If you are weak in fire behavior, study to be stronger.  If you are clumsy on your hose handling, pull hose, move hose, use hose.  If you do not have a love affair with your 2 1/2″ take her on a date. She would love to be stretched out, handled, turned on and flowed.

Stay Frosty!


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